Wanderlust is a concept magazine that is released quarterly. Readers of Wanderlust are well-traveled, adventurous, and interested in the true culture of a city. Wanderlust strives to give readers an inside look at new destinations while providing novel travel tips and advice.

My Role
Art Direction
Cover Designs
Editorial Layouts
Design Process
Drawing inspiration from AFAR and Bon Appetit magazines, I wanted engaging stories paired with beautiful photos to inspire our off-the-beaten-path travelers. To achieve this, I first outlined feature stories and created a storyboard. To provide balance in the overall flow, I created a mix of short articles, a photo journal feature, and long-form journalism. The different article lengths allow for well-curated ads to be seamlessly integrated into the reading experience.​​​​​​​
Because Wanderlust comes out only four times a year, the cover needs to strongly reflect the sentiment of each season. The logotype uses the typeface Pirou with adjusted letter spacing and a minimal satin effect for added texture. This particular typeface allows the cover photo to show through the letterforms, accenting each issue’s individual character and color palette. To keep the cover clean and simple, we highlight only a few top stories to pique the reader’s interest and draw them into the magazine.
The look of Wanderlust is modern and eye-catching. Each story has its own character with a headline typeface and color palette based on the content, which makes the reading experience a journey of its own. The magazine's cohesiveness is developed through subtle details like consistent character styles that open each story and a “W” glyph concluding each article.
Wanderlust Magazine also pursues a strong digital presence through Instagram and tablet distribution.

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