Minted offers a membership program to help wedding planners across the world take advantage of their wedding stationery and products, creating a truly custom look for the couples’ special day. In order to showcase the high-quality designs found at Minted, a sample kit was necessary to send out to program members.

My Role
Create piece list with printing specs
Manage designer schedules for final creative
Quality control of prepress files​​​​​​​
Samples and proofing
Vendor schedule and logistics coordination
Internal team updates and communications
Design Process
Because the sample kit needs to showcase the highest quality products that Minted offers, this was a project many years in the making. I entered the process right as the final designs were selected and print production needed to begin. 

The first step was coordinating designer schedules to have final prepress files created, which I then reviewed for quality and uploaded to the printers for proofing. Adjustments were necessary to match the colors from previously approved samples, especially on the printed vellum. I also adjusted letterpress files in order to ensure the periods and dots of lowercase “i” were being fully pressed.

Specialty processes included custom foil, printed vellum, letterpress, white ink printing, and custom stickers.

After rounds of proofing and vendor schedule coordination, we moved into full production for 3,000 kits. Additional organization with supply chain was required to produce a few specialty pieces overseas. I managed all domestic logistics for the other 30 pieces across 3 different printing facilities.

With a production of this complexity, there were of course challenges along the way that needed to be managed. But in the end, the kit is a beautiful showpiece of what Minted can offer!

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