Enharmonic is a San Francisco startup that uses cutting-edge VR technology to enhance the power of creative storytelling and brand experiences. Enharmonic is leveraging new AI software to create immersive experiences with 360 video for a truly realistic viewpoint. The company plans to use their product through various media outlets, marketing campaigns, as well as creative films.

My Role
Logo design & corporate identity (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Google Slides)
Video title sequences (After Effects)
Design Process
The word “enharmonic” is a musical term that describes how one single pitch can have two different note names. The logo design was inspired by this concept of something being two things at once. The logomark can be seen as a stylized letter E, while at the same time representing an abstract VR headset. It has elements of a maze while also being reminiscent of a computer circuit board. The logo can be left open to interpretation while still being a simple and memorable mark.
The company’s style guide was created in Google Slides so that all team members have easy access to the brand guidelines. Information is presented in simple terms and all logos are labeled with their file names for easy searching.
In a special Enharmonic marketing project for the 2018 World Dog Surfing Competition, I created a title sequence and video graphics that not only worked in a 360 video setting, but also fit in with the playful and light-hearted content of the event.

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