Aspen Music Festival and School is known throughout the classical music community as a top-tier festival by both performing musicians and audience members alike. The mountains of Aspen, Colorado provide a beautiful setting for 8 weeks of concerts, operas, master classes, and lectures. The festival has a new campus for rehearsals and educational purposes, with additional performances held at venues and stages across the town of Aspen.

My Role
Logo design and branding
Event graphics
Photography and photo editing
Festival tote bags are handed out to musicians at registration
Design Process
The new logo was inspired by two main elements of the festival - music and mountains. The festival writes of their new education center, “The campus was designed with Aspen’s natural setting in mind: the buildings’ roof lines mirror the shapes of the surrounding mountains and hug the contours of the ponds and creek.”

I incorporated the same clean lines that reflect mountain landscapes into the overall festival branding. I started by sketching different versions of the letter “A”, stylized as various mountain forms, and eventually brought in the letter “M” for added dimension. I incorporated the figure of a music note in the letter “A” to highlight the musical nature of the festivities.
The main image for the 2018 season was an abstract view of a symphony orchestra from above, which both musicians and concert-goers are able to discern with their existing knowledge of classical music. The opera program takes the same theme of abstract shapes representing musicians and translates it to figures moving onstage.
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